GEOSynthetics Consulting - Training Your Sales Team to Service Your Customer's GeoSynthetic Needs

Basic Geosynthetic Training Seminars

A knowledgeable and motivated sales force is the key to responsibly growing your geosynthetics market.  GEOSynthetics Consulting has established a training program based on Power Point Modules.  Each Module identifies a segment of the industry or product application, from Manufacturing to Market Opportunities.  Heavy emphasis is placed on specifications, product applications, product selection, and installation procedures. 

Historically, most product failures have been a result of incorrect product selection or installation issues.  These failures can lead to a misperception of the benefits of geosynthetics and ultimately impact the use of these materials.  The goal of GEOSynthetics Consulting is to arm your sales team with a solid knowledge base of the broad geosynthetics spectrum of products.  This will give them a platform to launch a sales effort based on a true understanding of how and where to use these materials.

Each session is designed to encourage interaction by all involved.  When possible, local project examples will be utilized.  This program operates under the premise that an educated sales force can in turn help educate specifiers, designers and contractors.  The goal is for your sales team to be a “go to” resource for the industry which will allow them to provide your customers more than just a competitive price.

GEOSynthetics Consulting will also work with your sales team to promote geosynthetics in the marketplace as a joint or independent approach.  This includes joint sales calls, engineering ‘brown bags’ and calls on Municipalities and State DOT’s.


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